Please allow us to introduce our company to you. We are one of the Major Technology Purchasing Organisations in the International Marketplace. We have been operational now for more than Ten Years, during which time, we have built our business to cater for any contract size up to Millions of Pounds/Dollars, whilst continuing to cater for the smaller contract, we do not turn potential business away unless it is unviable.

We started business in Water & Sewerage, but quickly expanded due to demand in to other markets such as: Power Generation & Distribution, Oil, Petrochemical, Agriculture, Fisheries, Coast Guard, Shipping Spares, Civil Aviation, Infrastructure, Pipelines, Civil Works, Plant & Equipment, Heat/Light, Air Conditioning, Electrics, Electronics, Telecommunications and many more markets too numerous to mention.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the latest technology at the very best prices available. Due our International Purchasing Power and our professional image, we command the very best from suppliers around the world and get it. Our database of quality manufacturers worldwide is considerable.

We would like to offer our services to any prospective client with a need. Please accept our invitation to contact us at any time with a request for assistance on the supply of any product within the Technology Based Market and we will respond quickly. We are sure you will be satisfied with the results. If you wish a range of equipment from various suppliers, this is a speciality, which you can benefit from, with one source and invoice.

Our UK Headquarters are located in a 15th. Century Manor House, said to have been frequented by Oliver Cromwell as well as Royal Line descendants, surrounded by 4.5 acres of gardens, woodland and storage areas. We have a resident Deer Herd in the grounds and numerous other wildlife.

We are also able to check goods and consignments prior to shipping, arrange for shipping by any method to and from anywhere in the world.